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Brian Levine (R) Candidate for Somerset County Freeholder

Brian Levine - R

Incumbent • Franklin Township

Brian Levine is a lifelong resident of New Jersey and a 25-year resident of Somerset County.

Brian Levine - R

After attending J.P. Stevens High School in Edison, he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MBA from Rutgers. He worked as an accountant and corporate financial planner. He writes financial manuals and presents seminars and webinars on tax laws and financial considerations.

He is married to Lori Goldblatt, a psychologist. They have two daughters, Ariella and Shira.

He has served on Franklin Township Council and as mayor.

Governor Chris Christie appointed Levine as a member of his Red Tape Review Commission, which Levine says has saved NJ taxpayers millions of dollars and thousands of pages of needless regulations.

Platform relevant to Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill

"Mary Jacobs Library (current home to a Somerset County Library branch) has been the heart of Rocky Hill. It would be an absolute shame for this iconic facility to languish. In some form, we – as a county – have to provide a beneficial use for residents of Rocky Hill and Montgomery," Levine says.

"I would like to personally be a part of the discussions and plans. Montgomery is a growing, vibrant community. The local government made the decision to serve their residents by planning and constructing a beautiful municipal building, with a library," Levine says. "In Somerset County, it is our function to support local governments as we can."

Montgomery Municipal Building and Library

"Montgomery is a growing, vibrant community. The government of Montgomery made the decision to serve their residents by planning and constructing a beautiful municipal building, with the capacity to house a library. As such, it was their desire to provide these services in a utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing environment.

"In Somerset County, it is our function to support local governments as we can. To this end, I am glad to assist Montgomery in bringing services to residents with an eye toward fiscal prudence. When we can share the opportunity to provide services to our common constituents, we all win. As I am a strong advocate and implementer of shared services, I know we can continue to save hard dollars for the residents of Montgomery, while allowing them to be the beneficiaries of our shared goals. Montgomery, Rocky Hill, and Somerset County can all be victors in this endeavor."

County Parks

"Skillman Park came on-board to Somerset County when I was a freeholder, a few years ago. From an eyesore with no functionality as an old site, it is now a picturesque park with vibrant life and activity for all to enjoy. It has been used for all manner of recreation from many of our diverse residents. This is the quality of life that decades of smart decisions by my predecessors on the Freeholder Board have engendered for us. We must be diligent in choosing our elected leaders to be sure their philosophies are the same and will continue and improve on the legacy that they have left to us.

"Van Horn Park, an exquisite 120 acres is an unmatched example of shared service and cooperation – again, thank you to my predecessors. With Somerset County owning the park land, and the local governments of Montgomery and Rocky Hill managing the park, the residents are the victors – both through available facilities and financial prudence.

We need our open space – for the environment, for our fiscal health, for our residents. By the time I left as mayor in Franklin Township, over 1/3 of the town was permanently preserved – there will never be development on these acres. I strive to be a conservation leader."

Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) Access

"Raritan Valley is a gem of Somerset County, providing quality education (consistently ranked in the top 1 percent of community colleges in America) at a reasonable tuition. This may become more important this year as financial issues stemming from the Covid-19 virus and lockdown may have students reaching for a lower cost, yet superior quality, solution.

Satellite campuses have, frankly, not been viable in the past according to RVCC data. This does not mean, of course, that we must refrain from examining this option in the future – or even the near future. We must furnish access to RVCC for all desiring residents. This may be through transportation, local sites, or other means that we may conceive. The door is open for ideas. As always, I am ready, willing, and able to ensure all ideas are on the table and taken seriously." ■


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