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Bread Maker Got His Start at the Montgomery Farmer’s Market

Posted March 17, 2023

Shoppers who frequent local farmer markets in Montgomery, Hopewell, and West Windsor will surely know Paulo Velasco’s Bread & Culture booth.

Velasco, who worked for years as a beloved guidance counselor in the Princeton public schools, in front of his empty shelves. He lives in Hillsborough with his wife Michelle and four kids.

By 10 am, he was usually sold out of his artisan sourdough specialities — crusty loaves of cranberry and walnut bread, or olive and herb, or just plain country sandwich style. He had different flavors each week.

His sourdough croissants and pastries are equally addictive, so it is not surprising that Velasco launched his first storefront at 123 Main Street in Flemington with a staff of about 10.

A line for Paulo Velasco’s sourdough bread and pastries at 123 Main Street Flemington, the location of Bread & Culture’s new storefront.

He told The Montgomery News he was having a “soft opening” — meaning it was not advertised — on Saturday, February 11. By the time a reporter got there at 11 am, he was sold out of everything but coffee and tea! People said they had come from as far away as West Orange, driving for hours to stock up on his sourdough. For now, his store is open on weekends, 9 am to 2 pm. Go early, or risk leaving empty-handed.

Maybe he will open a store in Rocky Hill or Montgomery? Hint. Hint.

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