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Bernice “Tina” Jalloh, Democrate for Somerset County Surrogate

Bernice “Tina” Jalloh - D

Franklin Township

Bernice “Tina” Jalloh - D

Tina Jallob is the Franklin Township prosecutor and is a partner at her law firm, Jalloh & Jalloh, where she practices civil litigation, commercial, and corporate transactions, wills and estate planning, as well as family law.

Jalloh earned her juris doctorate and a master’s degree in public administration from Rutgers University. Her bachelor’s degree is from Syracuse University. Jalloh recently was the recipient of the 2019 Legal Services of New Jersey Equal Justice Award, for her Pro bono work in Surrogate Court and Family Court around the state of New Jersey. Jalloh lives in Franklin Township and is the chairwoman of the Somerset County Democratic Committee Black Caucus.

"The surrogate’s court is almost certain to touch the lives of every person in the county at some time," Jalloh says. "I believe that through empathy and compassionate communication I can make their experience with the surrogate’s court as effortless as possible."


● Revamp our digital strategies to ensure forms and procedures are streamlined and available.

● Hold special office hours in the evenings regularly and establish satellite locations throughout the county.

● Increase the number of lectures on estate planning and power of attorney and post them online and on social media.

● Offer virtual sessions with key constituencies such as senior citizens and essential workers.

● Ensure each case is processed in a timely manner.

● Approach everyone who comes to the Surrogate’s court with kindness and compassion.

In her words

"I won’t just sit in my office and wait for the public to come to us, I will meet people in the community — in senior groups, retirement homes, community centers, religious organizations, and other places — to educate the public on the need and advantages of estate planning in case they become incapacitated, and when eventually they pass from this earth."

"Currently, the surrogate’s office is open from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm, M-F, which is inconvenient for many working people. I would like to open the surrogate’s office two evenings a month, on the nights that the freeholders hold their meetings so there would be no additional expenses incurred.

"I will be an active partner in ensuring everyone in the community has access to the surrogate’s office at the most difficult times in their lives. This is why I also want to open up satellite surrogate offices in the community at times which are convenient for the working person.

"I will work with the large banks to make sure the administration documents we give the citizens of Somerset County are acceptable, so that our clients are not further traumatized when trying to settle their loved ones estate. It is my understanding that this issue has been a problem since at least November 18, 2017. It is time it is resolved." ■


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