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Good Samaritan Finds Lost Hanukkah Card with $180 Cash and Returns It

Amber Wanner of Philadelphia and her friend Josh Israel found a Hanukkah card outside Aja Asian Cuisine on Route 206 on Christmas Day. The envelope was addressed to "Ben" and the card contained $180 cash.

Amber and Josh each tweeted. Amber stating: "Dear Twitter, we need your help ... found grandma's Hanukkah card for Ben in Skillman. Can you help us find Ben?"

And Josh tweeting: “Can you help us find Ben?” Need Twitter Help for a Christmas miracle...found grandma’s #Hanukkah card for Ben in Skillman, NJ outside a sushi restaurant on Christmas."

It appears that Twitter actually did help. The couple tweeted around 6:11 pm on Dec 25. And, the folks at Congregation Kehilat Shalom in Belle Mead, after checking with all their members named Ben, tweeted back on Dec 26 that they had found the Ben who lost the card!

"We found Ben and Grandma!," the congregation tweeted. "Please contact us at Congregation Kehilat Shalom."

Josh Israel announced that Ben had been found less than 24 hours later.

Israel tweeted. " We found Ben!! His family is part of a local congregation and he wishes to remain anonymous (Grandma wouldn’t be too happy with him). He’s got his card & gift back. Twitter did its thing. Internet, I appreciate you."

Ben did not want to give his full name, on account of his Grandma not being too happy with him for losing the card, according to Josh.

The congregation thanked Amber and Josh for finding and returning the card. And called them "heroes."

Incidentally, $180 is ten times "Chai" or 18 in Hebrew numerology, according to Deborah Metzger of Princeton Center for Yoga and Health in Skillman. "Chai means life in Hebrew. Gifts are often given in multiples of 18."

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