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Teenage Entrepreneur Donates Profits to Fight Opioid Addiction

Ishwari Nagnur | JANUARY 16, 2021

Montgomery High School student Siddharth Vecham started his own business at a young age, and is donating his profits to help fight the opioid crisis.

Siddharth Vecham gives a check to Nicole Butz, the founder of the A.J. Butz Foundation.

His journey began in 7th grade when he took part in a program called “The Young Entrepreneurs Academy.’’ Recognizing the mess that was his own middle school locker, and unable to find an organizer that worked for him, he began his own company — Amazing Locker Shelves.

He sells high-quality locker organizers. In high school, Vecham lost a friend to opiate addiction. He became motivated to find a way to prevent opiate overdoses.

“I was inspired to transition my for-profit company into one that would raise money to help fight the opioid crisis,” he says.

He has now begun to work on designing a regulated pill dispenser. Vecham says, “this dispenser would control the number of pills a patient could take at a time, helping prevent overdose and misuse.” In the future, Vecham aspires to collaborate with pharmacies to distribute his innovation.

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From 2017 to 2019, Vecham raised and donated $800 to the A.J. Butz Foundation and King’s Crusade, charities that help those suffering from opiate addiction to receive treatment and work to fight against the opioid crisis.

So far this year, Vecham has raised nearly $1,000, attributing this rise in donations to his use of social media, which has increased his outreach. By the end of the year, Vecham hopes to have raised $1,500. Due to COVID-19, Vecham had to move most fundraising events online.

He previously fund raised at the Montgomery Business Association’s FunFest, but it was canceled this year due to coronavirus precautions. Learn more about Vecham’s company and efforts at


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