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Ryan Curry - Athlete of the Month

By Snigdha Joshi | February 24, 2022

Ryan Curry, a Montgomery High School senior, began playing basketball with his family as a 5-year-old. He went on to the Grundy Hoops Academy, which is run by Montgomery High School Athletic Director and Boys Varsity Basketball Coach Kris Grundy. He fell in love with the sport even more. Curry now plays for Grundy on the Montgomery boys basketball varsity team. He also plays on an AAU club team called Jersey Force, which competes in tournaments across the northeast.

Montgomery High School Senior Ryan Curry (14)

As his high school career comes to an end, Curry reminisces. His favorite memory was winning against Rutgers Prep in his freshman year in the conference championship. Curry also remembers a teammate, Joe Elicone, who was a senior in his freshman year that he looked up to. “He took me under his wing and showed me a way to get through high school, a way to attack basketball, and what it really means to be a part of this family.” Similarly, Curry has mentored one of his teammates, Stephen Donahue. Curry says that Donahue is “a really good player, has a really good future, works really hard, and could be huge for Montgomery.”

Recently, Curry has accepted a Division 1 scholarship to West Point and is excited to serve the country and play basketball at the collegiate level. “I’m really looking forward to becoming a better man, a better basketball player, and learning what it takes to be a good leader,” he says.

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Curry credits Coach Grundy and Coach Joe Bassford for playing crucial roles in his development as a basketball player over the years. COVID has affected many high school sports for a few years, including the boys basketball team. This year, after the team had a few cases before winter break, they had to shut down practice for about 10 days. Curry explained: “We don’t really know if there’s a tomorrow cause someone could get a case and [we’ll] be shut down.”

Despite the uncertainty they face this season, Curry remains optimistic. “COVID has been hard for basketball,” Curry says. “But I’m really looking forward to getting a chance to compete at the three championships we try to get, which are the conference, county, and state titles. I’m also looking forward to spending my last year as a senior with a really good group of guys.” As challenging as COVID has been for the basketball team, it is apparent that Curry wishes to make his final season with the Montgomery Boys Basketball Team as unforgettable as possible.


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