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Rocky Hill Health Spa Donates Masks to Borough First Responders

The doors of the Rocky Hill Health Spa are currently closed due to New Jersey state coronavirus emergency restrictions. But spa owner Linda Huang’s heart remains open to the communities in which she lives and does business.

Huang generously donated 100 medical-grade face masks to Rocky Hill first responders on April 17.

Linda Huang of Rocky Hill Health Spa donates masks to Jason Engleka of the borough’s Office of Emergency Management.

Jason Engleka, deputy administrator of the borough’s Office of Emergency Management, gratefully accepted them “to be used by our responding agencies in town."

Huang’s gift will broadly benefit the Rocky Hill Hook & Ladder Company, First Aid & Rescue Squad, and any other local emergency responders needing them. (She’s made an equivalent gift to Franklin Township, where she resides.)

“Many people were unprepared for the outbreak,”Huang says. “So, I bought masks to donate. I wanted do something, even a little thing, to help.” 

Linda Huang was born in Haerbin city in Heilongjiang Province, in northern China. She came to America 24 years ago.

In July 2015, she opened the Rocky Hill Health Spa at 131 Washington Street in the middle of town. The spa offers massage, hot stone treatments, reflexology, cupping, and mini-facials.

Of course, our local health spas, barbershops, beauty salons, and nail care salons are typically small operations. But the nature of their personal care services could create outsized risks of viral transmissions during the Covid-19 crisis.

Huang accepts the need for establishments like hers to close until the pandemic has passed. Now she’s in the situation of so many other small business owners. “It was so hard to close the spa,” she says, “and then stay home. I still have to pay rents and bills, and keep employee relationships.“ But, she adds, “we will be back to work soon!”

Linda Huang’s optimism extends beyond the walls of her Rocky Hill Health Spa, to encompass both the land of her birth and the nation in which she now makes her life.

Huang says she hopes “the outbreak will be resolved as soon as possible, that the U.S. will be strong, and China — U.S. relations will be normalized with mutual understanding and respect.”

To which she sincerely adds, “God bless America!”


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