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Local Chef Samira Ghani Teaches How to Make Nutella Souffle

By Katie Jain l February 1, 2021

It seems that, especially during quarantine, cooking has become not just a pastime but a necessity. And, with Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching, the ability to make a home-cooked meal or dessert for one’s family or significant other has become widely desired.

Samira Ghani, a local food blogger, will be dedicating half an hour on February 10 to talk us through some of her Valentine’s Day recipes, as an episode of The Montgomery News “Community Voices” series. In this episode, Ghani will be making a Nutella souffle. The four-ingredient recipe (originating in her family’s passion for Nutella) will be accessible to anyone interested in cooking the dessert this Valentine’s Day.

Ingredient List

1/2 cup Nutella

2 egg yolks

2 egg whites

1 tsp sugar

Amenah Ghani, Samira’s 16-year-old daughter, will interview her mom, discussing the importance of family during a difficult period. Between interesting conversation and delicious food, this episode will clearly be one of learning, growing, and community.

Ghani, a local Montgomery resident, has been cooking her entire life, putting a spin on her mother’s recipes. For the past fifteen or so years, she’s been coming up with her own recipes and amending others to make easy and healthy meals accessible to all.

People would ask her for her recipes and eventually she thought, “Why not put them out there for everybody?” Since beginning her blog, Ghani has amassed a following of around 12,000 on her Instagram, @sliceofgourmet, sharing her skill and creativity with the world.

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Ghani’s mission has become about allowing people to eat healthier and bringing the world together through a common love of food. She noted that food and cooking help us to “Celebrate our differences and appreciate our diversity. I can learn from your culture, you can learn from mine, and ultimately we can learn together.” A lot of hate stems from ignorance, and Ghani has found a way to push past cultural divides and unite people through a staple as simple and important as food.

As Ghani put it, “I come from food. In my family, that’s how we congregate, hang out, celebrate, and deal with sadness.” Food is her passion, and she uses it to bring communities and families like her own together.

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Community Voices

"Community Voices" will showcase the people of the Montgomery region through short engaging videos. If you would like to suggest a community member to be a guest on a future episode of "Community Voices," please email Karen Dentler, special project manager.


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