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Closet Possible Opens in Montgomery Shopping Center

By Barbara A. Preston | May 12, 2022

Is your basement overflowing with clutter? Struggling to keep your entryway organized? Is your garage an extension of your home? Closet Possible founder and owner Barry W. Curewitz maintains that you can organize your life with Closet Possible. He held a ribbon cutting ceremony at his new storefront in the Montgomery Shopping Center on Saturday, April 9.

From left: Deena Weissman of Closet Possible ; Montgomery Business Association President James Danner; Montgomery Township Mayor Devra Keenan; Closet Possible Founder Barry Curewitz; Montgomery Township Deputy Mayor Shelly L. Bell; and Melissa Curewitz of Closet Possible.

People love his closets, he told The Montgomery News. “One client told me he loves it so much, he meditates in his closet every day.” “When somebody’s been dealing with disorganization, and the frustration of that, organization can bring a sense of peace and wellbeing they did not know were possible.”

His family-owned business begins the organization process with a free, in-home consultation with a designer. Every closet has a different challenge, and every homeowner has unique needs, so each project is designed from scratch, Curewitz says. “I work with every client to provide custom solutions to match their specific needs with materials custom made in our own shop,” he says.

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Curewitz, who earned an MBA in marketing from the University of Tampa in 1988, had a successful corporate career as a global marketing expert for Fortune 50 Company products such a Splenda, Neosporin, and Lubriderm. He decided to become an entrepreneur, and founded Closet Possible in 2014. “People make changes for two reasons,” he said. “They are unhappy with where they are. And, there is something they are going towards. Something that meets a need they have but that is not being met.” “For me, I was a little frustrated with corporate America. I hit my glass ceiling, the way decisions get made can be frustrating. “Then, I stumbled across this industry which I love,” he said in an interview with the business talk show, Rainmakers Roundup.

Curewitz lives in Yardley, PA with his wife of more than 30 years, Melissa.

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