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A Grapple for Success

By Mikayla Salib | February 17, 2022

Two Montgomery Jiu-Jitsu School fighters, Max Greenberg and Emmanuel Perera, have put their names on the map in the professional grappling world. After placing in their first big debut at the Emerald City Jiu- Jitsu Invitational in December in Martinsville, both fighters find themselves eager to continue their training to earn more titles in the future.

Max Greenberg (left) won a blue belt super fight at the Emerald City Invitational in December.

Greenberg won his blue belt super-fight against his opponent in under 30 seconds. Perera, 21, followed suit, securing his win for Montgomery Jiu-Jitsu in overtime. These titles have catapulted their professional fighting careers.

Perera is a Rutgers Business School student and an aspiring financial manager. “Since my youth, I have never been a quitter,” Perera said. “From jumping into a pool at 4 years old with the intention of swimming, to my countless comeback-victories throughout my wrestling career, I always knew my goals and was not gonna quit until I achieved them.” He currently works part-time with Windsor E Recycling, picking up electronics from businesses and schools and dismantling them to recycle.

Emmanuel Perera (left) competing in the SOGI grappling invitational fall open in Long Island, New York.

Perera, who grew up in Skillman, worked as a teacher for Montgomery’s Kid Connection. He also gives back to the community as a volunteer coach with the Montgomery Youth Wrestling League, where he instructs a group of around 30 children aged 6 to 13 on various wrestling techniques. “While I no longer need to learn how to swim or achieve medals on the wrestling mat, I bring this same fearless and determined attitude in everything I do including my job.” Both Perera and Greenburg graduated from Montgomery High School, where they were on the wrestling team. Greenberg said he is working towards making Jiu-Jitsu his life.

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Professor Miguel Benitez, the owner and black-belt instructor of Montgomery Jiu-Jitsu, explained the joy he has seeing his students like Greenberg and Perera achieve their aspirations. “The goal for my school is to help people in any way that I can. So when I see my students come in and tell me they want to compete and do pro-grappling matches, we create a game plan, work hard, and do what we need to do to see them accomplish their goals,” said Benitez.

Both fighters mentioned the sense of community surrounding Montgomery Jiu-Jitsu, and encourage others to join. “You [are taught] more than just skills to use on the mat. You have a sense of family, and being part of the team is always a great feeling that keeps me going,” Perera said.

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