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Montgomery Police Report a Rash of Burglaries and Two Stolen Cars

Three Belle Mead homes near Route 206 were burglarized “since October” police said. Each of the homes were in an area that had little or no street lighting, and the homes appeared unoccupied at the time of the burglary.

In fact, none of the residences had lights on timers. The residents were either out for the evening or away for a few days.

In addition, police said there have been a “significant number” of car burglaries throughout the township.

Seven people reported motor vehicle burglaries the first week of November. Four cars where in residential areas and had been left unlocked, while the other three had smashed windows and were in commercial parking lots.

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Some of the vehicles had personal items in plain view, such as purses that were stolen. The burglar had rummaged through the other vehicles, and stole coins, electronics, and wallets.

Robbers stole two cars in Montgomery Township in the early morning hours of Friday, November 9. Police recovered one of the vehicles. The robber entered a home during the theft of one of the vehicles, but was ultimately scared off by the resident.

“While these numbers don’t seem high for a community of this size, reminding our residents about crime prevention measures and awareness will hopefully prevent future incidents and lead to tips to help us solve the past incidents,” Lt. Jim Gill wrote in the press release issued on November 8.

“Please lock your vehicle doors,” he said. “Remove all valuables as this seems to be the precursor to the victims that are chosen.”

The Montgomery Police Department is asking residents for help, and is seeking information that may be beneficial to the investigation as well as the safety of our community.

Please contact Detective Sgt. Hofacker of the Montgomery Police Department with any information at 908.533.9192. Please call 908.359.3222 or dial 911 to report any suspicious vehicles or crime in progress. ■

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