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NJ Senate, LD-16 Candidate

Bridgewater Township Administrator

Branchburg resident


■ Elected to Franklin Township Council at age 21, became mayor at 22, and a Somerset County freeholder at age 24.

■ One-term US Congressman

■ Held a post at the U.S. Small Business Administration during George W. Bush’s presidency.


In his words

The people of New Jersey have been struggling for a number of years. This past year, with the onslaught of the pandemic, has been an untold devastation from families that have lost loved ones to individuals whose businesses have been decimated, and the lack of a plan from the state legislature is one of the reason why I am running for state legislature.

One-third of all small businesses in our state have closed permanently over the past year.

The state’s reaction to the pandemic, with regard to the business community, has been disjointed.

Large businesses were able to remain open with limited restrictions. Small businesses were required to close.

Legislative oversight is critical. The legislators, and my opponent in particular, has ignored that critical role of legislative oversight.

If I’m elected, no matter who the governor is, I will take that constitutional responsibility seriously. ■

— Excerpt from the Legislative District-16 Forum, sponsored by the League of Women Voters, The Montgomery News, Princeton Community Television, and Raritan Valley Community College on September 22, 2021.

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