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Montgomery School Board Candidate 2021
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Marty Carlson

Marty Carlson

Work: Verizon Wireless, Network Security. Education: University of Minnesota, BS, chemistry; Centenary University, MBA; University of Maryland, MS in cybersecurity.

Important issues:

Montgomery is a first-class district. Nevertheless, it has not been immune to the divisiveness, diversity issues, and critical shortages of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) capabilities seen in the rest of the US.

To meet these demands in an open and extremely competitive world, our children will need to work with each other’s differences.


I have two children I have seen benefit from the Montgomery school district, both in academia and sports. I have worked in technology my entire career. And, I appreciate the joy of learning and how it can benefit one over a lifetime.

Why running for office:

We who have much too often sit comfortably by while others heed the call to public service.

Community involvement:

I expect students to be good stewards of their community. They participate in volunteer organizations, bag groceries at local stores, sell Girl Scout cookies, build Eagle projects, work through religious organizations, etc. I support these kinds of activities, and the district should nurture them.

COVID-19 and school:

Children learn best in person. Parents know what’s best for their children. Hybrid learning should be offered optionally. I would like in-person learning—with families in charge of the timing. Families and staff who are comfortable without masks should be allowed such.

The school needs staff who are willing/able to accommodate the parents’ and students’ needs. Families are the school district, and I value their views. ■

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