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Montgomery Twp Committee Candidate
Christy T candidate.png

Christy Tierney (R)

The Montgomery News editor invited Christy Tierny to meet  in person for an interview, but she declined.

She does have a Facebook page, for readers who are on Facebook. She also is on the Nextdoor App for those who want to know her platform.

Tierny did ask for questions to be emailed to her so that she could respond in writing. At first, The Montgomery News editor agreed to this, thinking COVID. But, upon reflection, it was not fair to the other candidates who came to the office in masks and answered the questions without knowing what would be asked.

The editor immediately texted Tierny, and asked her to call by telephone. Several texts went unanswered. The editor never received a return phone call.

It is unfortunate. An educated voter is the best voter. In that spirit, visit @ Tierney4Montgomery.

The photo of Tierny was taken by The Montgomery News at the Conservative Union picnic, where she spoke. ■

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