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Two Local Races Still Too Close to Call — Full Day K and Rocky Hill Mayor

By Barbara A. Preston | Posted November 17, 2022

Montgomery and Rocky Hill votes on whether to fund full day kindergarten, and regarding who will be mayor of Rocky Hill, were still too close to call as of Thursday.

First graders at Orchard Hill Elementary School. (File photo).

Full day kindergarten was a "yes" by 20 votes, according to the most recent vote count as of 10:14 am today (November 17). The new count includes absentee ballots. There are still an undisclosed number of provisional votes to count, so it is still too close to call this race.

The question is: Should the Montgomery School District raise an additional $1,620,152 from property taxes for general funds in the 2022-2023 school year to provide for a full day kindergarten program? These funds will be used exclusively for additional costs required to provide for the program.

The projected school board winners are Joanna Filak (2,887), Michelle Dowling (2,666,) and Ania "Anna" Wolecka-Jernigan (2,485). It is unknown how many votes are still out standing. The next closest candidate is Craig Rothenberg (2,201). Somerset County Clerk Steve Peter must certify the combined results of mail-in ballots, early voting, and in-person election day voting to the New Jersey Secretary of State by November 26. Votes may continue to be counted up until November 26.

Rocky Hill Mayoral Race Still too Close to Call

Finally, Bob Uhrik (D), incumbent, retains a lead of 16 votes. Hopefully Uhrik and his challenger Ed Zimmerman (I) possess fidget spinners, mini Zen gardens, or anti-biting polish to save their fingernails.

Incumbent Mayor Uhrik led by three votes on election night. A week later, his lead expanded to 16 votes. Again, it is unknown how many votes remain to be counted.

The projected winners of the Montgomery Township Committee race are incumbent Mayor Devra Keenan and incumbent Vincent Barragan.

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For information on all the local races, visit Local Elections 2022 at The Montgomery News online.


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