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The Quinlans of Rocky Hill Shine in "Community Voices"

By Ishwari Nagnur I February 8, 2021

The Montgomery News recently aired their newest episode of “Community Voices.” The episode featured a dynamic interview between Dennis P. Quinlan, Jr., MD, trauma surgeon at Bristol-Myers Squibb Trauma Center at Capital Health Regional Medical Center and his daughter Brianne Quinlan, a recent Montgomery graduate and current sophomore at Syracuse University. They discussed the impact of the pandemic and civil unrest on his work.

Dennis P. Quinlan, Jr., MD receives his COVID vaccine.

The interview began with a brief overview of Dr. Quinlan’s educational background. Dr. Quinlan shared that he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology, taking the less traditional route to medical school.

He added, “I had no intention of attending medical school until the latter half of my undergraduate studies,” going on to state that if he could go back and re-choose a profession, he “would choose medicine again and again.”

During the approximately 25-minute conversation, Dr. Quinlan provided advice to those looking to enter the medical field, reflected on the impact of COVID on medical hospital facilities, and discussed the effects of the recent civil unrest on the local trauma centers.

As a Rocky Hill local, Dr. Quinlan recalled his favorite memories as a resident were being involved in the community by “working the concession stands at his children’s high school sports games.”

The cheerful interview concluded with a brief discussion on the need to remain diligent and safe during COVID before a return to normalcy. Dr. Quinlan emphasized the continuation of social distancing protocol and utilization of masks.

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If you would like to suggest a community member to be a guest on a future episode of "Community Voices," please email Karen Dentler, special projects manager, at


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