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Somerset County Adds Voter Drop Box in Monty Twp for Nov 3 Election

Somerset County’s Election Board Administrator Jerry L. Midgette announced today that 14 poll locations and eight new ballot drop box locations have been added for Somerset County voters.

Ballot Boxes, including one to be installed outside the Montgomery Township municipal building, will be available for ballot drop off 24 hours daily from the week of September 28 until Election Night, November 3.

The Montgomery Township Municipal Building, 2261 Route 206, is one of 13 locations where Somerset County residents may safety drop off their ballots.

For the November 3rd General Election, there will be a total of 51 poll locations and 13 ballot drop box locations (locations below). Voters will be able to drop off their vote by mail ballot at one of the ballot drop box locations beginning the week of September 28. These ballot drop boxes will be available 24 hours daily for ballot drop off by the voter or authorized bearer until 8 pm on November 3. The ballot drop boxes will be under video surveillance at all times.

“Voters will have three choices in which to return their ballots to the Board of Elections,” said Midgette. “They can use the US Postal Service, one of the county’s 13 ballot drop boxes, and this November for the first time will be allowed to deliver their own ballot to their assigned poll location on Election Day.

“Somerset County voters are reminded that ballots must be received by the Board of Elections by the close of polls on Election Day at 8 pm. Ballots that are post-marked by November 3rd can be counted if they are received no later than 8 pm on November 10” said Midgette. “In addition, for this election, ballots received from the United States Postal Service within 48 hours after November 3rd without a postmark can also be counted. 

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“Information will be posted on the Election Board’s website,” said Midgette. 

“Voters will be required to sign a certification that the ballot being delivered to the poll is their own ballot and poll workers will only be permitted to accept the ballot of the person signing the certification,” said Midgette.

Please be reminded that for bearers (persons delivering a ballot for another voter to the US Postal Service or a ballot drop box):

  • One must complete the Bearer Portion of the outer envelope in the presence of the voter. This applies whether the bearer is mailing the ballot, delivering it in person, or dropping it in one of Somerset County’s drop boxes.

  • One may serve as bearer for up to three voters in a single election. This includes any combination of ballots delivered in person or put in the mail or drop box. Delivering one’s own ballot does not count toward the limit of three.

  • Candidates for elected office may not act as bearers.

“To minimize confusion and ensure your vote will count in this November 3 General Election, all voters are urged to vote as early as possible and follow the guidance as set forth in this announcement for returning a Vote by Mail Ballot to the Board of Elections,” said Midgette.

“In addition, if you returned your voted ballot to the Board of Elections, you should not go to the polls and vote a Provisional Ballot also. It is against the law and you could be prosecuted for committing a felony,” said Midgette.

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The Somerset County Board of Elections office is currently not open to the public due to the Coronavirus. However, ballots can be dropped off at the ballot drop box located at the front entrance to the County Administration Building at 20 Grove St. Election Board staff can be reached by phone at 908.231.7084 weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and until 8 pm on Election Day. The office is located on the first floor of the Somerset County Administration Building at 20 Grove St., Somerville.

Somerset County Ballot Drop Box Locations for General Election


Municipal Building, 1 Miller Lane

Judy Sullivan, (908) 212-7000 ext. 403


Municipal Building, 1 Collyer Lane

Rhonda Pisano, (908) 204-3014


Borough Hall, 166 Mine Brook Road

Anthony Suriano, (908) 766-3000 ext. 141

Bound Brook

Borough Hall, 230 Hamilton Street

Jasmine Mathis, (732) 356-0833 ext. 646


Municipal Building, 1077 Route 202

Maggie Schmitt, (908) 526-1300 ext. 103


Municipal Building, 100 Commons Way

Linda Doyle, (908) 725-6300


Municipal Building, 475 Demott Lane

Ann Marie McCarthy, (732) 873-2500


Municipal Building, 379 South Branch Road

Pamela Borek, (908) 368-8314


Municipal Building, 325 North Main Street

Wendy Barras, (908) 725-9478


Municipal Building, 2261 Route 206

Donna Kukla, (908) 359-8211

North Plainfield

Community Center, 614 Greenbrook Road

Rich Phoenix, (908) 769-2910


Somerset County Administration Building, 20 Grove Street

Jerry Midgette, (908) 231-7084


Municipal Building, 46 Mountain Boulevard

Cathy Reese, (908) 753-8000 ext. 223

For more information, go to the Board of Elections website at or contact us at 908.231.7084 or


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