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Skillman Residents Want to Preserve a 34-acre Property in Their Neighborhood, Listed for Sale for $1.5M

The Montgomery News | Posted March 29, 2024

Residents of the Skillman section of Montgomery Township are expressing concern that a For Sale sign has appeared in their neighborhood on Fairview Avenue — which does, in fact, have a fair view of a 34-acre property containing fields, ponds, and wildlife. The property is listed for $1.55 million.

Skillman NJ

A photo of a section of the property listed for sale at 48 Fairview Road in Skillman. Neighbors say they would like to see the property preserved as a local park. Photo is from realestateandhomes.

A letter distributed to Skillman residents said, "We are deeply concerned about the future of the wetlands at 48 Fairview Road. This area is not just a piece of land, it's home to diverse wildlife including tree frogs, foxes, large woodpeckers, and various birds. The potential development of this property  threatens their habitat and disturbs the natural balance."

A community group plans to meet at the Montgomery Library on Thursday, April 4, from 5 pm to 7:45 pm to discuss the possibilites of preserving the land.

The Callaway Henderson Sotheby's real estate company describes the land for sale as "extraordinarily scenic."

"It features a breathtaking series of rapids and waterfalls along the wooded edge of the property, 22 acres of pasture, hedgerows, grasslands, and herbaceous plants, and approximately 13 acres of forest.," according to the listing. "There are remnants of an original 19th-century farmstead, adding to its allure. Stocked with trout, Rock Brook flows along the parcel's west end and there is a man-made pond that lines the long, gated gravel driveway in the center.

"This property is neither preserved nor in a conservation easement. However, it is in a wildlife and conservation management program, which encourages diversity of wildlife of native plants and animals and the control of invasive species. This contract could be transferred to the buyer, and it does compensate.

"The opportunity exists to build two houses if a compound is on your wish list. Or you could subdivide the land and sell off some of the acreage to another builder, offsetting the initial investment. Whether your dream is to farm, enjoy nature, keep loved ones close, or all of the above, properties of this caliber are a rarity and should not be overlooked."

The Skillman community group working to preserve the land held its first meeting on March 9 at the Montgomery Library to discuss how to preserve land. About 25 to 30 people attended. The next meeting is Thursday, April 4, from 5 pm to 7:45 pm .


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Nancy Castelino, a neighbor to the property, told The Montgomery News that developing the 34-acre property could lead to significant flooding in Skillman, which is already experiencing flooding issues.

"Our community also has experienced issues with heavy traffic and congestion at odd hours due to  the narrow roads and a one lane bridge that are ill-equipped for increased use," she added. "The charm of our quiet residential area lies in its tranquility and closeness  to nature. The development of the property would drastically alter this  environment causing irreversible damage.


"We need to urge local authorities to consider these concerns seriously. Let's preserve 48 Fairview Road as an open space for future generations to  enjoy while protecting our local wildlife from habitat destruction. We must  act now before it's too late!"

For more information, email Nancy Castelino at or Elmira Hill at 


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