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Somerset County Library System Launches Online Learning Help

The Somerset County Library System now offers free online learning via Brainfuse HelpNow — including a writing lab, live online tutoring, and practice tests in a number of different subject areas.

The free online learning service is for students of all ages and learning levels and is available to anyone with a Somerset County Library card. Live tutoring is available from 2 pm to 11 pm in English and Spanish to provide homework help for core subjects, including mathematics, science, and English language arts. All Brainfuse tutors have at least a four-year degree and are background checked.

Brainfuse provides feedback on written assignments within 24 hours; interactive tutorials; career testing; a foreign language lab; and ESL help. The resource gives step-by-step instructions on each skill area and, when available, can link you with a tutor in that subject area. Help is also available with federal college-aid applications; and special education diagnostic testing.

In addition, the FlashBulb app allows students to create and share study flashcards, practice tests, and games. And, the MEET app enables students to schedule sessions with friends in private virtual study rooms.

“Pre-COVID, the library hosted homework help and study-buddy programs in-person at many of our branches,” said Linda Tripp, collection development librarian. “Since not every family can afford the expense of hiring a tutor, we are thrilled to be able to offer a resource that provides free e-learning. Whether your child needs assistance tackling a tough homework problem, mastering a particular topic, or writing a paper, Brainfuse HelpNow is available.”

Brainfuse also provides an adult learning center, including career resources, resume and cover letter assistance, and live tutors for lifelong learning.

Learn more at Brainfuse HelpNow.


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