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Salon Owners Look to Demolish Existing Buildings to Create a 3-story Mixed-Use Apartment Complex

By Barbara A. Preston | Posted February 9, 2023

The Rocky Hill Planning board is expected to review plans for a new, three-story apartment complex with commercial space on the first floor at their February 14 virtual meeting at 7 pm. Brothers David and Joe Maccarone, the owners of Salon Azurro and the Rocky Hill Health Spa on Washington Street, submitted an application to redevelop their adjacent properties at 131 and 133 Washington Street.

The front of the proposed complex.

The application proposes to merge the two lots, demolish the two existing structures, and to construct a new three-story mixed use building with retail space on the ground level and residential space on the upper floors. The plan would include six two-bedroom apartments on the second and third floors of the proposed structure. One of the apartment units would be affordable.

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They are asking for a minor subdivision, a preliminary major site plan, and variances. They also submitted a major historic preservation plan application, since their properties are located in the main Rocky Hill historic area. Applicant has also requested variances from the bulk requirements in the B-Business District. Requested variances are for Minimum Front Yard Setback and Maximum Impervious Coverage.

The Rocky Hill planner has asked the applicant to clarify whether the apartment units are intended to be rental or owneroccupied units. The application is available for public viewing on the Rocky Hill municipal website.


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