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Monty Student Raises $10,000 to Support Organ and Tissue Donation

Anshul Guha, a senior at Montgomery High School, is well known in his community for being a math wizard. He has excelled in national math competitions, and even started Countdown, his own tutoring service in which he has taught dozens of local children during the past few years.

But Guha’s success has not come without some challenges. Shortly after Guha began 10th grade, he was diagnosed with keratoconus, a severe eye disorder that blurred his vision and even caused complete vision loss in his left eye. Guha’s doctor briefly considered cornea transplant surgery, but he was able to perform successful Corneal Cross-Linking (CXL) surgery to restore Guha’s vision.

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However, Guha’s doctors suggest that cornea surgery could be a needed treatment in the future. One week after his CXL surgery, Guha listened to a powerful presentation in school from a NJ Sharing Network volunteer.

“I was immediately inspired to help raise awareness and support organ and tissue donation,” said Guha. “That’s when I made Countdown much more than just a tutoring service. I use it as a platform to discuss organ and tissue donation with students and their parents.”


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