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Montgomery Police Alert Local Business Owners to Watch for Counterfeit Money

By Barbara A. Preston | Posted October 3, 2023 (Updated on October 5, 2023)

The Montgomery Police Department has identified an individual who passed counterfeit currency at a local business on September 18. They are warning businesses to be vigilant, and to contact police if they suspect they have accepted counterfeit bills.

Above: A fake $100 bill was used to purchase goods at a Montgomery Township, NJ, establishment. Photo from the Montgomery Township Police Department.

How to Spot a Counterfeit Bill

The $100 note is the largest denomination of U.S. currency currently issued by the Federal Reserve Board. Understanding how to use the security features in the note will help business owners to avoid accepting a counterfeit.

Look for the following security features that are included on real $100 bills.

See image below. The number "100" should appear as a color-shifting numeral in bottom right corner of the bill; there should be a bell in an inkwell that changes color from copper to green; and be sure the bill has the 3-D security ribbon.

Images are courtesy of the U.S. Currency Education Program.

Montgomery police say it is likely that the individual passed additional counterfeit currency while traveling through the Montgomery Township / Princeton area. Business owners should be on the lookout for the fake currency.

If your Montgomery business received counterfeit currency on September 18, please contact Detective Sergeant Brian Hofacker at 908.533.9192.

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