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Montgomery Students, Teachers, Parents, and Alumni Help Make Personal Protective Equipment

Chris Resch, a Montgomery High School science teacher, is printing ventilator parts, personal protective equipment (PPE), and now also providing detailed instruction in making PPE using a 3D printer to others.

Montgomery High School science teacher Chris Resch models a face shield he made on a 3D printer.

Resch has a personal expertise in three-dimensional printers. He also has a personal connection because his own child was on a ventilator for the first two years of his life.

Resch started a collaborative project with Penn Medicine doctors at Princeton Hospital. He has been 3D-printing PPE and ventilator parts for organizations near and far (hospitals, long term care facilities, and rescue squads) since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just recently he printed and constructed 20 face shields for Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad.

Resch is an advisor in a new program called Monty Initiative. It is volunteer group of students, parents, and anyone in the Montgomery Township School District who has a desire to help out during this pandemic.

Ventilator parts made on a 3D printer.

Montgomery parent and former school board president Minkyo Chenette is helping to raise money to help Monty Initiative to purchase raw materials to produce PPE such as face shields, face masks, and other needed accessories.

“Our mission is to centralize and monitor our effort to supply types of equipment that health care workers, first responders, and police officers need to have to fight against the COVID-19,” Chenette says.

Dylan Ko, grade six at Montgomery’s Lower Middle School (LMS), with a batch of PPE he is making.

“We would like to call out the people helping to create this group: Allie Andrew England, Suok Jung, Jennifer Nestor Ko, Angela Sgro and Chris Resch. Thank you so very much for stepping up and helping out during this difficult time. Every little help counts!”

Donate to the Monty Initiative at

Join the initiative by visiting “Monty Initiative” on Facebook. ■


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