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Montgomery Sisters Sell Handmade Bracelets to Raise Money for Good Causes

Kiran Subramanian | NOVEMBER 16, 2020

MHS sophomore Rikah Sahay and college freshman Sahanah Sahay have donated thousands of dollars to groups related to the Black Lives Matter movement, such as Integrate NYC and The Bail Project.

Rikah and Sahanah Sahay

Sahanah and Rikah started a jewelry business because, according to Rikah, “‘’s something simple and easy for people to purchase and use. Also, it’s a new experience every time to personalize and customize for someone’s preferences.”

According to Sahanah, they made bracelets when they were younger, but stopped as time went on. Eventually, they got back into making bracelets and have since opened a business known as The Shop by R&S. What is most exciting about this business is that it is a nonprofit that donates to some very important causes. One notable cause the money is going to is to help those who are suffering from the Yemen Civil War.

Rikah Sahay explains that they wanted to donate money towards this cause after, “UNICEF posted that they needed to raise a certain amount of money to continue providing their emergency water, sanitation, and hygiene services for over 8.4 million Yemenis who depend on it.” Sahanah added that, “After researching, I quickly realized the extent of the Yemeni people’s suffering and struggles. I noticed that even in the middle of a global pandemic, I am so privileged to be safe, have parents who can provide me with a home, food, and materialistic desires. Not everyone has access to these things, especially in Yemen, where they face not only covid-19 but a war, cholera outbreak, extreme cases of famine, and so much more- and to think my biggest problem was being bored in quarantine. I felt compelled to do something.”

Handmade bracelets

Through their fundraising, these two girls were able to send over $600 to help people suffering from this crisis in Yemen. In the future, Rikah and Sahanah plan on donating money made from selling their bracelets to other causes, such as the victims of the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. Furthermore, they plan on working with different organizations to promote self love, decision making, and sustainability. With these different organizations, they are planning to have workshops for younger students where they incorporate self love and sustainability with bracelet making.

While these two sisters thoroughly enjoy running their non-profit business, they also have lives outside of it. Rikah Sahay enjoys reading and hanging out with friends. Sahanah Sahay enjoys cooking, watching disney movies and dancing. Sahanah and Rikah Sahay have definitely done something that is very rare. Not only have they started a business doing something that they are passionate about, but they are able to take it one step further and help out multiple organizations that seek to make the world a better place. For students interested in starting businesses, the journey is not very easy.

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Sahanah explains that, “The most challenging part of running a jewelry business is finding the time to make each piece. Almost all of our orders are custom, so we try to make each item as personal and detailed as the customer intends for it to be.” However, for those who are interested, Rikah states, “JUST DO IT!!! There is always going to be someone interested in buying your product/ service. Don’t be afraid of trying new things. I know a lot of times, we fear what other people may say or think, but in the end, you need to keep your end goal in mind.”

If you are interested in supporting Rikah and Sahanah’s jewelry business, check out their Instagram, @theshopbyrs or email them at


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