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Three Montgomery Residents Test Positive for COVID-19

Three Montgomery Township residents — including a Lower Middle School student — have tested positive for COVID-19 as of Saturday, March 14. (Statement on the Montgomery Township School District Website.)

"I understand that this will come as distressing news as we are all anxious to protect the health and safety of our family, friends, and neighbors," Mayor Sadaf Jaffer said on her Facebook page. "Our epidemiology team is identifying those with higher risk exposure and will be contacting them throughout the day. I ask all community members to practice social distancing and stay home if they feel sick."

In a Tweet, Gov. Phil Murphy announced a second New Jersey resident has died from COVID-19: "Sad to announce our second death of an individual with #COVID19 – a female in her 50s who was being treated at @CentraState Medical Center in Monmouth County."

As of Sunday, the state had 98 cases — up from 69 cases reported on Saturday at a press briefing.

The Montgomery cases are mild, according to Jaffer. "They are not hospitalized," she said via a text conversation on Sunday. "They are self-quarantined at home."

The health department is in the process of contacting close contacts of the family "who should take extra precautions," Jaffer said. The health officer will contact everyone today.

A statement from the Montgomery Township Health Department was released on the mayor's Facebook page and on the Montgomery Schools website on late on March 14. The text follows:

"This evening, the Health Department learned that three members of a family already under home quarantine have tested positive for COVID 19 virus. One of the positive tests is a student at LMS who attended school prior to becoming symptomatic. The exposure risk to the general student population at LMS is low. Parents should monitor their child for fever and cough until March 24, and contact their health care provider should these symptoms develop, but are not under quarantine.

"The Health Department is doing epidemiological interviews to determine any students/other individuals who may be close contacts at elevated risk of exposure. The Health Department will contact these elevated-risk individuals directly to advise them about additional precautions they should take to prevent spread of the virus.

"Please do not call 911 with questions about this case. 911 is for life-threatening emergencies.

As this virus comes to our community, we ask that everyone practice “social distancing” in the community: Avoid crowds, stay home when you are sick, and maintain six feet distance between other people.

This is not the time for sleepovers, birthday parties, and hanging in the mall. Montgomery Township Schools are providing remote education until March 30. For the latest information, check out the Montgomery Health Department’s COVID 19 webpage at


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