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Final School Board Election Results

By Barbara A. Preston, Editor | NOVEMBER 30

The final results of the Montgomery Township School Board race, certified late this year because the pandemic and a primarily vote-by-mail election, are listed below. Seven candidates ran for three three-year terms on the Montgomery / Rocky Hill Board of Education. One candidate ran unopposed for a one year term. The winners are in bold.

1. Christina C. Harris - Incumbent (5,088 votes)

2. Cookie Franco-Herman (4,376 votes)

3. Zelda Spence Wallace (4,359 votes)

4. Ranjana R. Rao - Incumbent (3,673 votes)

5. Ali Batliwala (3,530 votes)

6. Biren Saraiya - Incumbent (2,755 votes)

7. Balaji Yegneswaran (1,814 votes)

 Patrick Todd won the uncontested one year term with 7,827 votes.

The winners are expected to be sworn into office at the Montgomery School Board organization meeting on Tuesday, January 5 at 7:30 pm. The new board will also elect a new president and vice president at this meeting.

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The school board consists of nine community members, elected on a staggered basis, who serve three-year terms of office without pay. Several board members resigned in 2020, including two board presidents Minkyo Chenette and Joanne Tonkin; and regular board members Jin Patel; and Amy Miller.


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