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Fannie Luo, 69

Beloved Mother

Died June 16, 2022

Fannie Luo, 69, of Belle Mead, died at New Brunswick Robert Wood Johnson hospital on June 16 with her two kids at her bedside.

Fannie was born in Taiwan and grew up with her two younger brothers. After graduating high school and college in Taiwan, she decided to go to America to seek out a master's degree. Afterwards, she made her way and settled in the NY/NJ region, where she found employment as a computer engineer and married Kung Lin, with whom she had a son and a daughter, and eventually settled in the Belle Mead section of Montgomery Township in 1995, where she lived the rest of her life.

Sadly, her husband had a tragic accident when the kids were still young, but she valiantly raised her two kids as a single mother with all the love and support she could. She dedicated everything she had to raising her kids, even taking a night shift job so she could work during the night so she could be able to spend time and activities her with kids during the daytime.

After nearly 30 years working as a computer engineer, Fannie had an opportunity to try something different and had a second career in the frozen yogurt industry, and she opened up her own store in Edison, called Bubble Yogurt along with her two kids. She was a bright spark plug and loved interacting with her customers, and they belovedly called her the 'Bubble Yogurt Lady' when seeing her in public.

She successfully ran the store for nine years before finally deciding to retire at the end of 2020.

Though her retirement was cut short, it was filled with lots of activity and enjoyment. She loved the outdoors, tending daily to her backyard garden filled with overflowing veggies every year. She was super active, hiking many trails and mountains, and even scaling to the top of Mount Washington in her final year. When her son did his daily run, she would accompany him by riding her bike with him.

She was looking forward to doing a lot of traveling and seeing the world and was very proud and excited to have just purchased a RV. Luckily, a month before her death, she had taken one last big family trip in her RV.

She is preceded in death by her parents, her husband Kung, and her middle brother SzuYong. She is survived by her younger brother SzuKuan, her son Derway, and her daughter Durpri.


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