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EMS SPOTLIGHT - Siddharth Saran

May 4, 2021

Since becoming an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in 2020, Siddharth “Sidd” Saran has attended a car accident on Route 206; a traumatic fall with head injury; a severe allergic reaction; a drug overdose; an unresponsive patient without breaths or pulse; a suspected heart failure; a stroke; and a COVID-19-positive patient.

He is usually prepared for the unexpected, although his SUV did get stuck in the snow in February while responding to a 911 call. “About two feet of snow had fallen, and we were expecting more,” he says. “After getting stuck in the snow, my crew mate and I decided to stay overnight in the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) building so that we would not get stuck in the snow again. “Sleeping in a bag reminded me of being a scout again,” Saran added with a smile.

Siddharth “Sidd” Saran

There were three 911 calls that night, he recalls. In one of them, Montgomery police and EMS worked together to clear the snow off a 50-foot driveway to treat and transport an elderly patient with a broken hip. “I joined the EMS for this type of camaraderie,” Saran says. “It’s neighbors helping neighbors.” Friends ask him whether he gets stressed in such situations. “No,” he responds. “My training kicks in.”

Some nights and weekends, Saran wears the navy blue EMS uniform. By day, he works as a management consultant and independent sponsor at Orca Advisory, a company he founded. “Increasing revenue, profitability, and value of companies using technology and management best practices is my core focus,” Saran says. “I seek to acquire, invest in, or partner with owners of small and medium-sized businesses and accelerate growth.”

Previously, Saran was CEO of a nationwide distributor of precision steel products, which he transformed from a mediocre performer to best-in-its-class. Prior to that he spent a decade working in “mergers and acquisitions and financings,” Saran said. “For example, I worked on the IPOs of consumer tech companies such as Audible, and the online travel agency, Orbitz.”

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“I love taking best practices in the EMS world and cross-pollinating the corporate world,” he says. “And taking the best practices in the corporate world and incorporating it in EMS.” “Emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence and data analytics, have the potential to transform both for the better.”

At the Montgomery EMS I enjoy working with other altruistic- spirited volunteers who are highly proficient in their chosen field or are enthusiastic learners, like our young cadets.” Saran has degrees in physics, engineering, accounting, and finance. “I am drawn to technically challenging fields, where working together harmoniously, in a fast-paced environment, can have a significant impact—whether it is increasing a company’s value or saving a person’s life.”

In his free time, Saran loves playing with his two children, working out at the gym, running or biking to prepare for a triathlon, or walking his dog on the friendly streets of Montgomery. If you see him, he welcomes you to say “hi.”