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ATHLETE OF THE MONTH - Matthew Levy, MHS Varsity Basketball

By Claire O’Farrell l March 22, 2021

Montgomery High School sophomore Matthew Levy started playing basketball in first grade and has continued to show passion for the sport ever since.

Levy plays for the Montgomery Varsity Boys Basketball Team and an AAU team called “Hoop Heaven Elite,” located in Bridgewater. Before high school, Levy had been playing on the local Montgomery travel basketball and for the Montgomery Middle School team.

MHS sophomore Matthew Levy in green on the right dribbles past two Ridge High School guards.

“I knew going into high school, the Montgomery Cougar basketball family was something I really wanted to be a part of for the next four years” he says.

Nearly half way through his high school career, Levy shared that he has to make the most of playing with his teammates because it goes by quickly. “The 2020-21 season has been great for me” he says. “Working hard with some of my best friends and doing the thing I love has been such a great time. I’ve already had countless memories in this program, such as hitting the buzzer beater in my first ever JV game in my freshman year.

Also, starting on the JV team and making the varsity team, all as a freshman, will always be an amazing memory.” Having teammates by your side is a crucial part of any sport. They motivate you to try your hardest and can help you be the best version of yourself. Levy’s main role model on the team is junior Ryan Curry.

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“I try to model my game after Ryan, one of four captains on the team,” Levy says. “This guy has really taken me under his wing and showed me how to be a leader, and what this basketball family is all about.

“Ryan’s work ethic is absolutely unbelievable and he has every skill of basketball equipped into his game, such as shooting, dribbling, passing, and just being such a great leader. I try to take things I see from his game and apply it to mine, and it has really helped me grow as a player” he says.

With achievements like being the starting point guard on JV, and making the varsity team freshman year, Levy is excited to see what he can achieve by the end of the 2021 season. He says, “I am most looking forward to helping my teammates be better in practice, and seeing them kill it on game days. “Although I may not get major minutes this season, making my teammates better and getting a lot of wins is what I am most worried about.”

Making the most of this unusual season can be difficult due to restrictions, but Levy is maximizing the opportunity to be able to play with his team.


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