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ATHLETE OF THE MONTH - Lauren Cashman, MHS Track & Field

By Claire O’Farrell l May 18, 2021

Sophomore Lauren Cashman began track and field just last year and has already achieved notable accomplishments. Cashman says her older brother Ryan, who graduated from MHS in 2018, introduced her to the sport. Ryan was captain of the boys’ varsity track and field team; and a captain of the football team. He is now a junior at Dartmouth College, where he is on the track team.

Ryan and Lauren Cashman

“I model my performance after my brother Ryan,” Lauren says. “He is the person who introduced me to high school sports. He is an extremely hard working and dedicated student athlete, which is one of the many reasons I look up to him.”

Transitioning after 10 years as a skilled gymnast to track and field, Cashman is a natural at pole vaulting. Last year, as a freshman, she exceeded her expectations by qualifying for the NJ Meet of Champions in pole vaulting.

Lauren Cashman pole vaulting

“It was a goal that I had all season and I was so happy to achieve it,” she says. Cashman described her high school experience as “unique” due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, the spring track season was canceled last year.

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Despite the pandemic, she said participating in sports at MHS has been amazing. Teammates have been especially important as a core source of encouragement and support. “We practice and compete together,” she says. “Seeing one another work hard to achieve our goals is so inspiring to me.”

Cashman hopes her junior year will be more normal, sans COVID. However, she says that experiencing an outdoor season this spring, for her first time, and being able to compete with her team is what she is most looking forward to.


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