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Ann Rabner, 99

—She loved helping to heal people

June 1922 – November 2021

Ann Rabner

Ann Rabner celebrated her 99th birthday in June 2021 surrounded by the family who loved her. On November 7, 2021 she died. We honor her memory as a caring, compassionate and devoted nurse spanning a 50 year career. She was a teenager when the holocaust swept through Europe. It destroyed many of her family and friends, but not her.

In 1949, Ann’s amazing strength and resilience brought her and her husband Henry and five-year-old daughter Beverly to America. Their son Barry was born in 1952.

Although Ann spoke barely a word of English when she came to this country, she immediately got a job at the Passaic General Hospital in Passaic. She was a working outside-the-home mom before it was commonplace.

She loved helping to heal people and they loved her back. But above all else, she loved her family and showed that love in many forms, particularly cooking and baking, at which she excelled. She was a true “balabusta” — a homemaker par excellence. And she had a “neat freak” gene she passed on to future generations.

Her husband Henry died in 1990. She is survived by her son Barry Rabner and his wife Amy Waldor Rabner with whom she has lived in Skillman for the past several years.

She is also survived by her daughter Beverly Rabner Silverberg and her husband Robert Silverberg of Maryland. Her three grandchildren and their spouses (Nina and Jason, Dara and Aaron, Marc and Becky) and her six great grandchildren mourn her loss. We will miss her generosity, kindness and love.

Memorial contributions may be made to the U.S. Holocaust Museum or to Penn Medicine Princeton Hospice.


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