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A Sleight of the Hand

By Ishwari Nagnur I February 8, 2021

For Gavin Yang and Eddie Lou, magic is an artistry and craft they have spent years learning and continue to master. Named “Lou-Yang Magic,” they host a multitude of free virtual magic shows via Zoom for the public.

Gavin Yang, a Princeton Day School sophomore and Skillman resident

The two recently performed for local senior centers, including the Senior Wellness Center at Hillsborough and the Bridgewater Senior Center. Yang, a sophomore at Princeton Day School who lives in Skillman, discovered his interest while watching magician Mat Franco perform on the TV show America’s Got Talent. Lou, a freshman at Phillips Academy, first began performing magic when he was given a set for Christmas three years ago. Both Yang and Lou recall their passion to perform magic seriously began when they discovered professional magician Shin Lim.

Eddie Lou, a Philips Academy freshman and White House Station resident

“Shin Lim inspired me because his magic was very artistic,” Yang says. “It was more of an art form than anything else.”

Yang and Lou began their partnership when they met at a summer camp a few years ago. Lou recollects, “There aren’t many magicians our age. Gavin loved magic as much as I did. It was rare, so we formed a connection quickly.”

Prior to COVID-19, Lou performed in person at various school talent shows while Yang conducted street magic at Times Square in New York City. Amidst the pandemic, when in-person shows were no longer feasible, Yang and Lou sought to share their love for magic and performance with the community.

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“Lou-Yang Magic” offers magic for every interest through their offerings of three types of shows: interactive, professional, and combination. Yang describes, “In our interactive program, we have participants bring a deck of cards and perform with us. The magic happens right in their hands and it’s really special.

Lou adds, “The professional act mainly consists of visual tricks including color changes, vanishes, and more.” The combination act includes a mix. In the upcoming months, Gavin Yang and Eddie Lou hope to expand their reach and continue to share their love for magic. Community members may view their shows by visiting their website at egmagic52.


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