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Montgomery Resident Arrested for Purchasing Gas with Fake Money

South Brunswick police arrested a Montgomery Township man on February 18 who they say used a fake $100 bill to purchase gasoline at a local gas station. The money can be identified as counterfeit because it reads "Motion Picture Use Only."

The incident happened at the Exxon Station at Route 27 and New Road.

According to police, Thaimu Kargbo, 20, of Montgomery Township, is responsible for two incidents late last year in which he pulled into the gas station and left without paying.

And, on Christmas Day, Kargbo allegedly paid for his gas with the fake $100 bill. Police say Kargbo pulled his BMW into the Exxon gas station on Rt. 27 on Christmas Day and asked for gas, say police. After receiving the fuel, he gave the attendant the $100 bill, which read "Motion Picture Use Only," and received $85 back in change.

The attendant realized moments later that the money was fake. The owner of the gas station watched a video of the incident and realized it was the same suspect who had stolen gas from them on Thanksgiving Eve, police said.

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South Brunswick police Detective Bryan Sites investigated the case and identified Kargbo as the suspect. Kargbo was located and agreed to come to police headquarters on February 18, where he was charged with one count of theft and one count of fraud.

He was released pending his next court appearance.

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