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Vietnam War U.S. Army Specialist Stephen H. Warner — Hometown Heroes


Specialist, Army

Stephen H. Warner


KIA February 14, 1971

Stephen H. Warner was an anti-war activist who was drafted in 1969 after finishing his first year at Yale Law School. After induction into the Army, Warner remained bitterly opposed to the Vietnam War. However, when sent to Vietnam as a public information specialist, he repeatedly volunteered to go out into the field to write human interest stories about the combat soldiers.

In February 1971, the vehicle on which Warner was riding in Quang Tri Province was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade, killing Steven and three other American soldiers.

The book, Killed In Action, contains 22 photographs taken by Steven Warner during his travels around Vietnam, as well as a selection of his human interest articles. (See pages 20 and 21.)

An exhibit of his photographs and journals title, As You Were, will be held at the Vietnam Museum in Holmdel beginning in January. ■

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