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Jinesh "Jin" Patel, Montgomery School Board Candidate

Jinesh "Jin" Patel

Belle Mead

Appointed in 2019 to fill Rick Cavalli's seat

● Running for a three-year term (The seat is currently held by Dharmesh Doshi, who has decided not to run again.)

● Assistant vice president, HSBC

● Two children in the MTSD

● The City College of New York

In His Words:

“For too long, there has been a focus on academics alone. This needs to change. There is much talk about a well-rounded child but not enough action. MTSD needs to be a leader in ensuring that every child is well prepared, not just academically but socially and emotionally. Social and emotional learning are fundamental to achieving this goal."

"The introduction of full day kindergarten to enable early learning, as well as delayed school start times especially for high school students are the biggest challenges for MTSD.” ■

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