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Pet of the Month

Hi, I am Tesla and I am a goofy horse who just wants to sleep and eat all day.

I was injured in a trailer accident when I was young, which caused me to have a bad leg. But, I don’t let it stop me from living the best life I can.

My mom is my favorite person ever. She always comes with a nice snack and gives me lots of pats.

As you can see in the picture I love to give smiles after having a nice carrot. I do get annoyed when she makes me work but it’s okay because all I really want to do is make my family happy all day long by being my fun and loving self.


— Olivia Wierzbicki,


Hi, my name is Tobi! I’m six years old and my family rescued me after I was injured as a puppy. Thank goodness!


As far as this year, things have been amazing! My family has been home all the time. I LOVE IT!  I’m an active doggy, and have always been fit.  But my vet recently told me I put on some “COVID weight.” 


I’m not sure what that means, but I may have been eating a lot of treats since everyone’s home. My family members are always putting cloths over their mouths and wash their hands a lot now. They even wipe down my paws, after we go for walks! Anyhow, I have a lot of neighbors who are four legged like me, and we all think this has been the best year ever, with all our humans at home!  I hope you are staying safe and being kind. Paw five!

— Len & Janette Edelstein, Belle Mead

By Popular Vote!
is the March
Pet of the Month


to Gal Sharon & Saira Dar

of Skillman

Hi, my name is Lincoln. I’m a four-year-old Sheltie (that’s short for Shetland Sheepdog). My name comes from my hardy ancestors, who lived on the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland.

I just moved to Skillman with my parents and cat sister. I’m a “dogtor” by trade as I attended veterinarian school with my mom.

Walking and cuddling are my favorite activities.

Wishing all my new neighbors a happy and safe 2021.

Lincoln will receive 

a basket of goodies

from our sponsor,

T&T Pet Supply 

Tobi- March pet of month - Len & Janette
Ginny March Pet of Month Cuifeng Yin.png
Ellie March Pet of Month  Samantha Gardn

My name is Ginny, a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier mix. In the picture I was three month old.  Am I cute?

When my mom walked into the shelter, I fell in love with her immediately and had an overwhelming urge to be hugged by her. I walked toward her from the farthest corner, climbed on top of the other puppies on the way, just to be closer to her. She picked me up immediately and only let me go when we were in the car.

My sister bought me a lovely name tag that day, but I chewed on it until it was totally out of shape. For several months, I destroyed all the things at my feet: toys, blankets, beds, even the wall in the kitchen. Mom did forgive me.

I think I am very lucky to find my mom. Mom thinks she is very lucky to have me. We are a happy family!

— The Yin Family, Princeton

Hi! I’m Ellie and I’m a Golden Retriever. I am 7 years old and still have a lot of energy in me! I love to go on walks with my family and sniff the fresh air. Sometimes I bark at other dogs, but just to say hi. I love to watch all of the wildlife in our backyard, and I would never chase after or hurt any of the animals. My family says I’m the sweetest dog ever (I agree!).

What my family loves the most are my yawns in the morning or when I’m hungry. They’re loud and don’t always mean I’m tired but that I’m excited.

I also love all the toys my family gets me. My favorites are my big fluffy bone, stuffed rosé wine bottle, and my stuffed dog.

My favorite places in the house are on my sister’s bed and in the kitchen (I always hope they sneak me some snacks).


— Samantha Gardner,

Belle Mead

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