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Pet of the Month

Hello, I’m Sapphire. I’m a guinea pig. You might have heard that guinea pigs are used a lot in medical experiments, or enjoyed as a delicacy in Peru. I try not to think about those things.

I’m lucky—I have a great mom. I originally lived with her son Justin and my sister pig Ruby (RIP), but when he moved, he wasn’t allowed to have pets. My mom was happy to adopt me. I am five years old. I love to eat a lot. I love to sleep a lot. Oh, and I like to poop a lot.

My mom likes to cuddle with me and I enjoy that too. When I’ve had enough, I give her a little nip to say, “cage please.” When I’m hungry, I squeak, especially when my mom opens the refrigerator to get my lettuce. Guinea pigs have different personalities and I’d say I’m pretty sassy. My mom agrees.


—Denise Porretto,

Hi, my name is Tobi! I’m six years old and my family rescued me after I was injured as a puppy. Thank goodness! As far as this year, things have been amazing! My family has been home all the time. I LOVE IT! I’m an active doggy, and have always been fit, but my vet recently told me I put on some “covid weight.”  I’m not sure what that means, but I may have been eating a lot of treats since everyone’s home. I guess I need to lose a pound or two. My family members are always putting cloths over their mouths. They even wipe down my paws, after we go for walks! Anyhow, I have a lot of neighbors who are four legged like me, and we like run around together a lot. We all think that this has been the best year ever, with all our humans at home! Paw five!


— Len and Janette Edelstein,

Belle Mead

By Popular Vote!
is the May
Pet of the Month


to Amy & Todd Mason

of Belle Mead

Helloooo! Please play with me!!


Please? Pretty please? It’s my favorite thing to do in the whole world—especially catching tennis balls and frisbees when you throw them. I'm a border collie!


We just moved here! And it’s so great! I love to play with the other pups in our neighborhood, especially my girlfriends Penny, Luna, and Skye. My favorite toys are Hippo, Octopus, and Whale.


They tell me I have bad hips and will need surgery very soon...but right now, my new family showers me with love and treats and joy so I can properly enjoy my puppyhood. They hope I never stop playing…  ■

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Met my new family in January.  I was having a tough time at my old house (I don’t like elevators and the condo wasn’t a place for me) so my first mom (who loves me tons) found me a place with a nice yard and a creek to play in.  I am the happiest Portuguese Water Dog around!

— Sandra Lowenhar,

Belle Mead

River the one-eyed cat.png

I’m River and I was a young kitten when I was saved from the streets of Montgomery with my siblings and brought to a rescue. My family fell in love with me the moment we met. I had a bad eye condition, which caused me pain but my humans got it taken out and I am loving life as a one eyed princess.

I love eating and sleeping all day and just want to get as much attention from everyone as much as I can.

— Olivia Wierzbicki,


I love walks around the neighborhood, playing with my human siblings, licking to show my affection, and going to the dog park.

— Adriennea Bender,

Belle Mead