Pet of the Month


Willow Pi is a Nigerian Dwarf goat who was born on Pi Day, March 14, 2019.


He just turned one year old and it was the best birthday ever!


Willow loves peanut butter and marshmallows. He likes to play and jump around in the fields. He also loves to go for walks, and he likes to talk!


His favorite time of year is when the grass is green so he can munch on it. Willow also loves to play with our chickens. His best friend is Toby Boots, his cousin.


Toby lives with Willow and is also another Nigerian Dwarf Goat. Wherever one goat goes, the other goes as well, like bookends.


Willow also loves to swim, and what kind of GOAT can do that? ■


— Abby Trawinski



My name is Cody, and I was a rescue from a local shelter.

They told my parents I was a lab/shepherd mix...though my friends think there may be some Golden in there.


My interests are varied...I enjoy retrieving (anything), swimming in creeks, squirrel watching and long sunset walks in the Skillman Park.


I even taught my owners a new game — to take me outside every time I ring a bell at our door.


Recently, my family of four decided to stay home from work and school to be with me — all day long!


I think this Monty family is going to work out. If you see me at the park, say “hello,” I’m super-friendly. ■


— Agnes and Charles Bass


By Popular Vote!
is the May
Pet of the Month



Bruno Flocke 

of Skillman

Meu nome é Nicolau. Eu sou um doberman. Eu nao sei ingles.

Editor’s Note: Nicolau does not speak or understand English
so we will translate for him:

My name is Nicolau. I am a doberman. Don’t worry, I am a good boy and I love to meet new

I came to Skillman with my family when they relocated from Brazil to New Jersey.

My parents say I am goofy. I
can’t help it. I am a six-year-old
with the soul of a puppy. 
I am the best friend of our two young kids.


Please feel free to stop and
say hi if you see me on my walks

around Skillman.


We can do social distancing to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. ■

Nicolau will receive 

a basket of goodies

from our sponsor,

T&T Pet Supply 

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