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Pet of the Month

Hi… so here’s our story.

We came from Puerto Rico in November 2016. We were lucky to be adopted by Diane Albala. We were brought to live in Montgomery Woods.


Do you know how many friends we made right away?? Oh boy!!! We knew we hit the jackpot! We are loving our lives!

Oh wait, let us introduce ourselves. I am Tim ( the handsome white Maltese/Chihuahua mix) and I am Trixie ( the foxy red girlie…  a chihuahua/golden retriever mix).

We would love to be nominated for pet of the month! Begin each day with a smile! - Love, Tim and Trixie

— Diane Albala,

By Popular Vote
Annie & Wilson
are the September
Pets of the Month
Annie and Wilson.png

Howdy! You’re not seeing double. There’s two of us. We are brother and sister Boxadors (Boxer/ Labrador).

I’m Annie and my brother is Wilson. We have just found a home in Rocky Hill 8 weeks ago.

You can tell us apart because my Wilson has just a little bit of white on his nose and more on his chest than I do.

We have many dogs to play with in our new neighborhood. We have places to run and things to chew. It’s a really nice place to live, and we love it here!

Dad says we gotta get into The Montgomery News because our older Sister Brinn was the very first Pet of the Month!


to Mark Sibley

& Barbara Gutowski

of Rocky Hill

Annie & Wilson will receive 

a basket of goodies

from our sponsor,

T&T Pet Supply 

Hello. I am Moti.


Moti, means “king” in the Oromo language. And, it means “pearl” in Hindi and Urdu.

I am five years old. Every day, I wake up with my dad. I love playing with my brother. I love to play fetch. I also love to sleep and go on walks.

I am merry, friendly, and curious. I am a Beagle you know.


My breed is known for being loving and lovable, happy, and companionable—all qualities that make us the most popular hound dog in American.

We were bred to be hunting dogs, but I am more of a happy-go-lucky, funny,  type. Isn’t my pleading expression cute?

— Ravi Bharadwaj,

Belle Mead

Tim and Trixie.png
Cooper O'Neill.png

Hello Monty News readers! My name is Cooper, aka Nugget, Bubba, bone-head, or the myriad of other names that mom makes up on the fly. I’m a five year old Parson Russell Terrier. I love chasing chipmunks and birds on the back deck, even though I know I can’t catch them. I hate mom’s vacuum and try to kill it! I still have no idea why she even has it. I’d be in trouble if I were that loud.

I love back rubs from daddy and playing with my giant tug toy on a stick. I love walking by the D&R Canal and going for a swim. I also love it when mom waters her plants because then I get to bite the water. It’s so refreshing on a hot day.


When I’m not barking at the mailman I can usually be found chewing on a bone next to mom on the couch or chasing the dogs in that big window that mom and dad watch things on. I make sure they can’t get into my house. I’m the protector here!

-— Bob & Tammie O’Neill, Princeton


My name is Hogan and I am the happiest Labrador ever. I am nine years old and nothing I love more than my family and maybe food as well.


I like to lay in bed and then run around the yard for a long time and chase my favorite red ball that is seen in my picture.

My family got me when I was a puppy and they always said that I was the cutest when I was a puppy, but I think that I am still pretty cute now though. My mom says I bark a lot but that’s just because I love my family so much and really want to protect them.

My family loves when I get excited because my butt wiggles. I love other dogs and will share my red ball with everyone because I want to make them happy because that is the kind of boy that I am.

Even though I am getting older I don’t let that stop me from living the good life!!!


— Olivia Wierzbicki,

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