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Pet of the Month

Hi! My name is Cheshy, named after famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov.

I am 11 years old. Three years ago, I traveled here from Russia.

I love to sleep, to eat, and then sleep again. I like to play with a small ball and to catch mosquitoes. Sometimes I even eat them, but I don’t enjoy the taste. I just have to do it because I’m a predator.

I love to cuddle with my mommy and I miss her when she’s away. Please vote for me!

— Cheshy, the British Short-hair


— Nikolay Logachevskiy


By Popular Vote!
is the July
Pet of the Month

Hi! My name is Michelle,  named after former first lady Michelle Obama. 


I have all black silky fur and big bright eyes. My favorite food:  leafy greens, Timothy hay, and pellets! 


I am very vocal and let you know when I want attention. I am also very love-able and social and like to be held.


to Pam Klinger

of Belle Mead

Michelle will receive 

a basket of goodies

from our sponsor,

T&T Pet Supply 

Hello Montgomery News readers. My name is Thumper and I am an 8-year-old Lop Rabbit.

I found my family after they volunteered to care for me during school holiday breaks.  I loved them so much that I decided to stay permanently.

My favorite things to do are hang out with my family in the living room and jump around on the couch when the boys play video games.

They have to hide the remotes from me though, my guilty pleasure is chewing the buttons.

— The Cahill Family


Hello, my name is KC (Kenny Chesney) and I am half Aussie and Kuvasz. My parents were curious after they adopted me and did a DNA test.

I love to walk...I can walk five miles, hike the Sourland Mountains, and then chase the tennis ball in my backyard. So much fun!


I have many nicknames such as snuggly bear, puppuccino, and bucket head (my favorite toy is a red bucket). I don’t really bark, but communicate to my humans with my big brown eyes and little squeals. In my spare time I like to sit around the fire pit with my family and fall asleep on my mom’s lap.

— Monique Allen,


Hi friends. I’m Ollie a six-month-old bichon-poo. I love to play fetch and although I may be tiny, I am mighty. I was adopted to be an emotional support animal for two girls, and now we’re best friends.

I often go on adventures with my owners. When I go to Skillman Park I say hi to all the other dogs. Even the big ones. I really like to dress up and wear bow ties. My favorite treats are from T & T Pet Supply.

I hate getting a bath but my owners say it’s necessary or I’ll start to smell bad. If you’d like to come with me on all my adventures go follow me on Instagram @ollie_la_patate.

—Gabby, Cap &

Martine Baudoin, Skillman

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