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Hello. My name is Odin, (but with my glasses I think I look like “Hairy” Potter). I’m a one and a half-year-old Golden Retriever living in Belle Mead. I absolutely LOVE to swim in my pool. Even when I see water on TV I want to jump in, but I never seem to get wet. I enjoy playing soccer and my dream is to become a goalie. 

I also have an important job being a therapy dog. That means every Wednesday I take a ride in the car to visit people who need a little extra love. 

Funny thing though, I’m the one getting all the love. Sometimes I do tricks for them too. I graduated school with an Expert Trick Dog title and Canine Good Citizen title. I know I’m young, but I’m still learning.

Love, Odin  ■


— Andrea Schafer, 

Belle Mead


Hi my name is Chase and I’m a two-year-old miniature schnauzer. My favorite things to do are:  cuddle; and try to chase after all the deer in my yard. I wish my parents would let me off the leash so I could really go after them! 

I hate being alone and am most happy when I’m being held and paid attention to. I like to bark at people and other dogs but it’s just for show. I’m actually really nice. 

I have a lot of toys but nothing beats a dirty sock. I’m simple like that!  ■


— Deirdre & Jason Saganski,  Skillman

Sadie for web.jpg

Thank you so much for considering me for The Montgomery News pet of the month! Here is some more about me:

I’m originally from Tennessee. I am a hound / collie mix. And, I was adopted from SAVE Animal Shelter in Skillman seven years ago. I have been told that I have a great personality.

I enjoy long walks, especially at Skillman Park. I love  running, sniffing, and trying to herd anyone (or thing) I see! I also regularly hike with my other four-legged friends. Although very active, I am also laid back and like being a homebody or more so a couch potato! I am loving and extremely loyal. ■

— Maura Ryan, Princeton Dance  & Theater Studio

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The Sillick Family

of Belle Mead

Hi! I’m a four-month-old mini Goldendoodle, and I just moved in with my family in August. My sisters named me Roo, after the Winnie the Pooh character, because of my fearless and bouncy personality. They have been asking mom and dad for a little puppy for a long time and love to lavish me with snuggles and attention. They’re also teaching me all sorts of tricks like sit, stay, come, and fetch. I’m getting pretty good at it and love getting treats and seeing their happy faces. My dad is trying to train me to go on long walks, hike along trails, and swim so I can join the rest of my family on all their outdoor adventures. I think I’m doing great, but my short legs make me tired sometimes. My sisters are always willing to carry me or hold me like a baby. ■

Roo will receive 

a basket of goodies

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