Pet of the Month

Hi! My name is Elroy and I’m from Belle Mead.


I’m a miniature donkey and was rescued a year and a half ago. I’m the only boy on the little farm I live on ( except Mr. Pebbles, the bunny, and Dave, the dad.) 

I love to play with my sisters who are Nigerian dwarf goats and chickens.


I enjoy being brushed and having my ears scratched.


The best part of my day is seeing the kitchen light in the early morning as my mama makes her coffee. I know then Abby, ( my 12-year-old human sister), will be out to give me breakfast soon! I love living at Hilltop Meadows! ■


— Dave & Jodi Brywka, 

Belle Mead

Elroy the mini Donkey.jpg

My name is Kyra and I live in Montgomery.


I am seven years old and love to spend all of my time with mommy.


I have many toys that I love to play with, of which all have the same name — Baby.


I love people and always want to give plenty of kisses. It’s all about the kisses.


Of all the things I love to do, my favorite is to go for a car ride. I have my own child seat. Yes, a doggie child seat!  ■


— Alma Wylie, Montgomery

My name is Anjo (means Angel in Portuguese).


I’m a two-year-old young boy with the heart of a six-month old puppy!


I love spending time with my two human sisters, mom, and dad. I cuddle with my humans and demand belly rubs.


I also love to play with other pets in the dog park and enjoy going for walks, taking naps, and chasing squirrels and deer.


My aunt loves posting my pics on Instagram! Follow me at  instagram.com/anjotheangel/?hl=en. ■

— Manny, Anu, Tiya & Tanya Suryadevara, Belle Mead

Anjo 2.jpg
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Zoltan Nagy & Family

of Skillman

Jasper, pictured here at his birthday party on August 6, is an eight-year old beagle whom we took in from a rescue group about four years ago.

He is an incredibly calm beagle. He rarely barks and does not jump on people when they come through the door.


He is a sweetheart, always wanting to be around wherever we are. And, he is a great companion. The entire family loves him.

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